Open House in the Klax School  16th November 2019 | 11am–3pm

Klax Schule Art trips
Sports Day May 2019
Klax Schule Our open house in march 2019
Klax Schule Our open house in january 2019
Klax Schule project week "art and language"
Klax Grundstufe ARD Radio night 2018
Klax Sekundarstufe #NichtEgal actionday 2018
Klax Schule Our open house in November 2018
Klax Schule The national reading day 2018
Klax Grundstufe CodeWeekDay 2018
Klax Schule Big fundraiser at the autumn market 2018
Klax Schule Autumn project week 2018/19
Klax Schule Our open house in September 2018
Klax Schule Encounter week
Klax Schule Klax school year 2018/2019
Klax Grundstufe First day at school 2018
Klax Schule Impressions from the new rooms of the Klax School
Klax Schule End of Term Party 2018
Gymnasiale Oberstufe Graduation ceremonies 2018
Klax Schule Our sports festival in June 2018
Klax Grundstufe Theater Project 2017/18 - Performance & last rehearsal days
Klax Grundstufe Theater project 2017/18 - rehearsal day
Klax Schule Open House at Klax School 5th of May
Klax Sekundarstufe Klax students run for diversity and peace
Klax Sekundarstufe Klax student at the Maker Fair Berlin
Klax Schule School competition 2018
Klax Schule Open House at Klax School, February 2018
Klax Schule School of the future 2017/18
Klax Sekundarstufe Impressions from the secondary school
Klax Sekundarstufe Dr. Geoffrey Cahn visits the Holocaust Reconciliation Project
Klax Grundstufe Literature project week 2017/18
Klax Schule Open House in November 2017
Klax Grundstufe Autumn market in October 2017
Klax Grundstufe Autumn project week 2017/18
Klax Grundstufe At the interactive exhibition in the Klax Children's Art Gallery
Klax Grundstufe Code Week 2017 - Hackathon
Klax Grundstufe Cake baking contest 2017
Klax Grundstufe Final Project School Year 2016/17

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