Open House in the Klax School  16th November 2019 | 11am–3pm

Creative, eager to learn, innovative – that's Klax

Schülerinnen der Klax Sekundarschule

Children and young people need a good education that prepares them for a life in the age of digital knowledge and provides them with the necessary key skills. The objective of the Klax schools is to support them on their journey to becoming responsible, socially competent, creative personalities. To do this, we apply innovative learning methods that are always geared to the individual development and learning steps of the students.


Key competences: Learn what the future requires

Schüler der Klax Grundschule

Learning at Klax means acquiring key skills for life in the information society. Those who acquire knowledge have to go beyond their own limits, always seeking solutions and doubting the obvious. In addition to reading, writing and calculating, he has to explore uncharted territory, reflect on his own position and accept the risk of possible defeats. Whoever succeeds in this endeavour will create something new.

Nobody can still memorize our current vast knowledge base. Therefore, the term learning takes on a new meaning: Learning has so far only been understood as the acquisition of knowledge, while today it is rather a matter of acquiring skills with which the knowledge of the world can be decoded and made usable.


1. Creativity and the ability to solve problems

A creative person wants to break new ground, develop ideas, use his imagination, apply his knowledge, employ network thinking and have the courage to make new experiences. Every problem represents a learning opportunity for the creative person and stimulates his inquiring mind.

2. Social skills

A socially competent person can empathize with others, recognize their needs and interests and respond to them accordingly. He can cooperate with others and work in teams. He is friendly, considerate and shows solidarity and he is able to agree, observe and critically scrutinize rules when needed.

3. Learning skills and the ability to self-organize

A teachable person is curious, can set goals, plan his learning path and critically reflect on the results. He has specialized and methodical skills that enable him to acquire and apply knowledge. This enables him to solve complex problems and structure his own learning path. At Klax schools, the concept of "learning with goals" helps reflect on one's own learning process.

4. Tolerance and openness

An open-minded person has the ability to engage in dialogue with others who have different (ethnic-cultural, religious) world-views and opinions. He practices tolerance as well as critical reflection and conflict resolution skills. He has the ability to communicate on the basis of common values.

5. I-competence

A self-confident, independent and well-balanced person knows his abilities and potential, his needs and expectations. He has the courage to express and defend his opinion; he can reflect on his feelings and handle them appropriately. Relying on his own knowledge, ability and individual potential, he develops a self-image that he constantly questions and compares.

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