Open House in the Klax School  16th November 2019 | 11am–3pm

We are teaching with the future in mind

The Klax Logo

Klax is a supra-regional educational institution with over 30 facilities in Germany and Sweden. With the Klax pedagogy we developed a modern and future-oriented pedagogical concept, which places the children and adolescents at the centre of the work.

Every educational situation at Klax is supported by four fixed principles. We are always concerned with the learning individual, the social community, the designed environment and the authentic adult. At the centre of the pedagogical work at Klax is a person ready to take on responsibility.

The concept has been constantly evolving for more than 25 years and is the foundation for all facilities at Klax - from day nursery to vocational college.


1. Personalized learning

Instructional phases and phases of self-organized learning alternate at Klax schools. Only practice makes perfect, which is why we give the children and adolescents a lot of time to practice. Learning methods are organized by the students themselves. The learning aids support this process. Individual learning builds on the students' strengths, leading to a systematic build-up of knowledge and skills.


2. Social community

We are building a successful social community by treating each other with respect and through willingness to share our knowledge, experiences and competencies. The social community includes all who live and work together in a school. That's why we speak of learning families in our schools. A learning family includes children, educators, parents, kitchen workers and caretakers. The foundation of mutual learning in the learning family is the value basis, in which the rules of living together are described.


3. Authentic adults

The learning guides are innovators and pioneers of learning processes. They create a stimulating learning environment, provide appropriate materials and advise students in choosing their learning steps. They are role models for the adolescents, provide a good learning atmosphere and evaluate the performance of the individual based on previously negotiated criteria. They fascinate the children and adolescents for a field of expertise by always displaying high self-motivation and staying up-to-date on their subject matters. They motivate every student because they have the methods and the skills to recognize each individual and to build on his strengths. At Klax, all active learners are in love with success.


4. Structured environment

Successful learning requires a well-prepared environment that is designed to encourage learning. Everybody learns differently and therefore needs a suitable learning environment. Schools must live up to this principle. Learning studios and classrooms with different learning areas and the provided learning materials take this requirement into account. The designed environment is not only expressed in rooms. Learning needs a friendly, positive and solution-oriented atmosphere in the social community. The basis of the learning community, accompanied by firm rules, creates trust and security, so that critical thinking and willingness to take risks are promoted.

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