Open House in the Klax School  16th November 2019 | 11am–3pm

For the 2017/18 school year we will be offering a bilingual first grade class in the Klax Primary School. The pupils will be taught by a native English speaking class teacher and supported by a German speaking educator.

We will be teaching German and maths in German; English and science in English; Art, music and PE either in German or English.


Immersion as a learning method

In our new bilingual class English and German will be of equal importance. Classes will be taught according to the immersion principle, the most successful language acquisition system. Immersion means to be submerged in the new target language and to use it in every day situations.

„Immersion is an internationally acclaimed concept for langauge acquisition. Language acquisition is placed in every day contexts and is learned naturally. The goal is to learn the language intuitively and  not explicitly though grammatical or vocabulary training.“


How immersion works

Learning the language is never the explicit goal of a lesson. Pupils dont study vocabulary or grammatical concepts. Language is used in context and across all subjects. In immersion programs subjects are taught in the target language instead of teaching the language.

Teachers never switch langauges. Every teacher stays in their native langauge and answers any question in that language - even outside of the langauge classroom. The German speaking Erzieher will always speak German to the students. Language is a method of communication and is thus used normally in context.

Pupils learn to speak, read and write in both langauges. They will be able to speak colloquially, read and understand difficult texts and debate and present in both langauges. They will also be able to write difficult and linguagistically correct texts.



Where does Immersion come from

In many countries immersion is part of daily life. In Canda for example foreign langauge is no longer taught in schools. Immersion programs have been studied extensively and have shown higher success rates than ordinary foreign langauge programs in Canada, USA and Germany. For further information see the EUROPA-study of the University of Kiel Due to the high success rates of immersion programs more schools are starting to offer immersion programs.


Why English?

All areas of life today require a well based knowledge of English. English has long been established as the international langauge in technology, business and cultural events. Experts project that the trend is on-going and that English will continue to gain importance. We want to prepare your children for the gobal world that they will work and live in, enabling them to take part in exchange programs and study successfully at universities.


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