Open House in the Klax School  16th November 2019 | 11am–3pm

As a secondary school, we want to ensure individual learning success and the personally aspired graduation for every student. Our secondary school offers all school-leaving qualifications available in the state of Berlin.


Secondary level I

  • 10 years followed by vocational education (basic school leaving certificate in Germany)
  • advanced vocational training (advanced school leaving certificate in Germany)
  • intermediate school-leaving qualification (GCE Ordinary Level)


Secondary level II: Upper secondary level


Graduate successfully with us

At Klax secondary school we attach great importance to the fact that no student leaves our school without a degree. Teenagers are being prepared very well for their exams at our school. The work in subject-specific learning desks has proven to be very beneficial for this purpose. Furthermore, the subject teachers provide regular afternoon tutoring sessions that make a significant contribution to exam preparation.

Our teachers pay great attention to the students' personal characteristics and learning limits (attention deficit disorder, LRS, dyscalculia, etc.) so that they have the opportunity to complete the school successfully.


What does integrated secondary school mean?

With the last school reform in Berlin, the "Integrated Secondary School" (ISS) replaced the previous system of Hauptschule, Realschule and comprehensive schools. With the secondary school and the high school, there are now only two types of secondary school I (grades 7 to 10). Secondary level II (grades 11 to 13) is equivalent to high school education standards and school-leaving qualifications.

Further information on the school qualifications in the state of Berlin can be found on the homepage of the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science.


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