Open House in the Klax School  16th November 2019 | 11am–3pm

A day at the Klax Upper Secondary School

Learning should be fun. This requires a varied learning routine with a balanced alternation of instructive and active learning phases.

The daily routine at the Klax secondary school is therefore divided into three phases: In the morning, it's time to take on new information and issue learning assignments. The middle of the day is exercise time and the early afternoon provides opportunity for active creativity.

Instruction phases that most resemble conventional instruction methods alternate with multidisciplinary learning tasks and project-orientated station work, with a high amount of practical exercises and playful elements. At all stages there are methods of formal and informal learning.



In the morning:

1.1. Absorbing information

  • Arrival time
  • informal exchange and personal conversations
  • coordinate the common daily routine

Later in the morning:

2. Practice time

  • In-depth learning during the instruction phase
  • Get support
  • cooperative learning

In the afternoon:

3. Creative learning time

  • Creative courses and offers
  • Discover interests and skills
  • Engage personally

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