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  Primary level
with before/after school care voucher
Secondary level

Income up to € 30,000.00 (both parents) or € 15,000.00 (single parent)

School fees* € 1.440,00 € 1.440,00
Food costs** € 600,00 € 1.200,00
Total € 2.040,00 € 2.640,00

Income from € 30,000.01 (both parents) or € 15,000.01 (single parent)

School fees* € 4.560,00 € 4.560,00
Food costs** € 600,00 € 1.200,00
Total € 5.160,00 € 5.760,00

*Upon request, school leadership can grant an exemption or reduction of school fees.

**The expenses for lunch for the primary level are not included in the costs because lunches are funded by the Berlin Senate Administration.



The school fees include:

  • breakfast, lunch, snacks, all-day availability of fruit/vegetables and drinks (tea/water)
  • after school programme, textbooks (excluding workbooks) and any necessary support classes

The school fees do not include:

  • school trips, excursions, admission fees


Before and After School Care (Hort)

  • Before/After school care Voucher (Hortgutschein) is compulsory in Grades 1–4
  • The fees for before and after school care are dependent on the length of care that you require
  • If the hours of the voucher are exceeded, additional fees apply per hour:
    • If the regular opening hours of the before and after school care are exceeded (before 6 am or after 6 pm), i.e. the child is brought to or collected from the school Hort outside the regular opening hours: € 25.00
    • If a child is not brought or collected as per the times on the voucher: € 10.00

These additional costs and the fees from the official voucher will be charged in addition to the normal school fees. If no voucher has been submitted, use of the Hort will be charged at the rate of € 430.00 per month.


Exemption from school fees or school-fee reduction

Upon request, school leadership can grant an exemption or reduction of school fees. The decision is taken by the school leadership on a case-by-case basis. The required income documents must be attached to the request. The request can be made at any time, and it will be applied from the first day of the month following the month in which the request was made. Exemptions or reductions only apply for one school year or until the end of the same school year if the request was made after the school year has started.


Discounts on the monthly school fees (not including the food costs)

  • A loyalty discount of 25% per child in the next school level if the child / the pupil has attended a Klax institution for at least one year and goes on to attend the primary level or secondary level I or secondary level II
  • Sibling discount (after deduction of any loyalty discount that may have been granted):
    • 1st Sibling: 25%
    • 2nd Sibling: 50%
    • 3rd Sibling: 75%



  • Enrolment Fee: € 250.00 per child, due upon registration
  • Late Payment Fee: € 2.50

Updated: 01/08/2019

All prices are final prices, i.e. a possible value added tax is already included.

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