The annual fees for Klax primary and secondary school levels are as follows:

  School fees
Primary level

with day care voucher
School fees
Primary level

without day care voucher
School fees
Secondary level
Basic fee € 1.800,00 € 1.800,00 € 1.800,00
Study fee € 1.800,00 € 1.800,00 € 1.800,00
Study fee from 01.02.2019 € 2.760,00 € 2.760,00 € 2.760,00
Catering fee € 600,00 € 1.200,00 € 1.200,00
Total € 4.200,00 € 4.800,00 € 4.800,00
Total from 01.02.2019 € 5.160,00 € 5.760,00 € 5.760,00


Monthly billing

School fees can be paid in instalments of € 350.00 or € 400.00 (from 01.02.2019 € 430,00 or € 480,00) per month, due on the 1st of each month. For one-off payments, school fees are due during the first week of lessons.



The primary and secondary level fees include: breakfast, lunch, snacks, all-day availability of fruit/vegetables and drinks (tea/water), study programme, textbooks (excluding workbooks) and any necessary support classes.


The after-school club

Visiting the after-school club is compulsory in years 1 - 4. The fees for the after-school club are specified in the official day care voucher. If the childcare service is used beyond the normal opening hours of the after-school club (before 6 am or after 6 pm) or the officially stipulated care facility (day care voucher), additional costs will be incurred. The fees for each commenced hour are:

  • If child is not delivered or collected according to day care voucher: € 10.00
  • If child is delivered or collected outside the regular opening hours: € 25.00

These costs and the fees from the official day care voucher will be charged additionally. If no day care voucher has been submitted, use of the after-school club will be charged at a rate of € 350.00 (from 01.02.2019 € 430,00) per month. Class trips, excursions and entrance fees are not included in the school fees and will be charged separately.


School fee waiver

Upon request, the school board will grant customers whose income is significantly lower than the statutory minimum standards exemption from school fees for up to ten percent of the places available. A right to such a place does not exist. The decision is taken by the school authorities after a case-by-case examination and submission of the required income documents.


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