The costs to be borne by parents for a place at Klax school per school year are as follows:

  Primary school

with day care voucher
Primary school

without day care voucher
Secondary school
Basic fee € 1.800,00 € 1.800,00 € 1.800,00
Study fee € 2.760,00 € 2.760,00 € 2.760,00
Catering fee € 600,00 € 1.200,00 € 1.200,00
Total € 5.160,00 € 5.760,00 € 5.760,00


Monthly billing

The school fees can be paid in monthly instalments of EUR 430.00 or EUR 480.00 and these instalments are payable on the 1st of the month. If a single payment is made, this is payable in the first week of teaching.



The Klax school fees include: Breakfast, lunch, snacks and access to fruit/vegetables and drinks (tea/water) throughout the day, course programme, school books (with the exception of workbooks) and any necessary additional tuition.

In classes 1-4, it is mandatory for pupils to attend the school’s after-school care centre. The fees for attending after-school care are based on the official after-school care voucher. If the care service is used outside the standard opening hours of the after-school care centre (before 6 am and/or after 6 pm) or the officially allotted care provision (after-school care voucher), additional charges will be incurred. The fees are per hour or part thereof:

  • Child is not dropped off and/or picked up in accordance with the after-school care voucher: EUR 10.00
  • Child is dropped off and/or picked up outside the standard opening hours: EUR 25.00

The costs and the fees from the official after-school care voucher are billed additionally. If no after-school care voucher is submitted, the costs for this service will be billed at EUR 430.00 per month.

School trips, excursions, admission fees are not included in the school fees and will be calculated and billed separately.


Exemption from or reduction of school fees

On application, the school authority grants exemption from school fees for up to ten per cent of school places filled for customers whose income is significantly below the statutory minimum. There shall be no right to a school place of this kind. The school authority shall make a decision after having reviewed the individual case and after the required income documentation has been submitted.


Loyalty discount

1. For families with one or two children, the school authority grants a discount of EUR 100.00 off the monthly school fees if the child/pupil has attended a Klax organisation for at least one year and then directly proceeds to attend elementary school or the next educational stage with Klax. The discount will be taken into account in the context of the subsequent contractual relationship.

2. For families with three or more children, the school authority grants a discount of EUR 150.00 off the monthly school fees for the subsequent contractual relationship per child provided that

  • all children have been attending a Klax organisation for at least six months when the term of the subsequent contract begins and
  • the children proceed directly to elementary school or the next educational stage when the term of the contract begins.

A combination of the aforementioned loyalty discounts according to item 1 and item 2 is excluded. If the contract is renewed within a school year, no loyalty discount will be granted.


Entrance fee

EUR 250.00 per child, payable on registration.


Reminder fees

We charge a fee of EUR 2.50 for each reminder.


Sibling discount

As of your second child that attends Klax school, you receive a 15% discount off the respective school fees after deducting the already granted loyalty discount.

Date: 15th March 2019

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